Superior Test X: SCAM or Effective way to Build Muscle?

Here we go again, the newest, most effective, and impressive supplement is being advertised! With every supplement website you visit you are greeted with muscular men you wish you could look like and promises of how you actually have a chance of looking like them. It is basically asking you, how did you live without this supplement thus far!? Well, over the past couple of years I’ve decided to take it upon myself to debunk some of these supplements and help you decide whether they are the best product for you and if they are not just the newest SCAM on the market.

What Superior Test X Supplement Promises

From the looks of it this supplement will help boost your testosterone. Boost it to such levels that you’ll be the most manly man there is. In addition to boosted testosterone you will also lose all that extra fat, turn it into muscle, boost your strength, and become more energetic. It also goes onto list all of the benefits of boosting your testosterone levels: increase performance, enhance muscle mass and strength, discover new vitality, reclaim youthful radiance and have more energy.

It claims that the supplement is drug-free and has no side effects. Over the years men start to lose their testosterone and this supplement claims to be able to help with just that and much more. You will get an edge in the gym and in life in general. Without any form of proof the official website claims that “Superior Test X is the #1 selling vitality raising products in the USA.”

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Ideal for those of Age

Though this is a great product for any age it is ideal for those that have seen a reduction of their testosterone in past years. Testosterone begins to go down after a man reaches maturity at about 20-30 years of age and continues to reduce gradually with every following year. What Superior Test X offers is an increase of testosterone thus revitalizing your body to what you felt and looked like in your 20’s. Sounds great right? However, it is essential that plenty of research is done, which of course is not listed here, about the side effects of such a supplement and the ingredients which seems to be missing from this website.

What is in Superior Test X Supplement?

We’ll never know! I actually considered purchasing the supplement myself to see what it is all about as I do with most other supplements however, for some reason I was very skeptical of their whole official website. Nothing written in the website seems backed by any real information. There is no list of ingredients or real effects of the supplement. At the bottom you will find a link which includes information on tests, research, and overall description of Creatine including side effects. This link leads you to an outside website which guess what, also is offering to sell you a product. This alone seems pretty spammy and definitely looks like a SCAM. This again, leads me to believe that there is no real information on the product or its contents.

What kept me from Buying?

I do need a supplement such as this, especially with all the promises they are offering. At the ripe age of 34 I am already seeing how my testosterone has gone down drastically and can feel it in my performance in the gym. I need an energy boost and more endurance right along with help to make and keep my muscle mass however this website looked too much of a SCAM for me to trust even to test.

The sheer lack of information in the website and overall obviously deceiving promises and images of “successful” stories was too much for me. Primarily my biggest problem was that there isn’t a list of ingredients in the supplement, regardless if they don’t offer full information on them, though that would have certainly helped. I know very well that there is no supplement on the market that has no side effects. Some are obvious while others not so much, but you cannot claim that a supplement has absolutely none. Knowing that I have a list of ingredients would have been ideal so I can review each and decide for myself whether I am willing to risk my health to try the supplement, as with all supplements you are putting your health at risk as they are not FDA approved and you simply take their word for it.

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How to buy Superior Test X?

This is where it gets interesting. You have several options when purchasing from the official website. You have the free bottle trial for those that are skeptical at only $4.95 shipping and handling charged to your card. But listen to this, you have only 14 days to cancel this trial after ORDERING not receiving the product. If you fail to cancel your trial at that time you will be charged the full price of the bottle of $94.82 on the 45th day and every 30 days thereafter. Tell me, what are the chances of really getting an idea of what the product offers for 14 days? Not to mention, what are the chances of you remembering to cancel with the 14 day trial period? This is what they are riding on because no one in their right mind would pay so much money for a product upfront, let alone their special package deals that range from $89.99 – $139.99. The great part is that getting in contact with a customer service rep is pretty difficult too. Trust me, I tried it when I initially started reviewing this product to request a list of ingredients, which of course, I didn’t get. So imagine on the 13th day how you are calling to cancel your trial and for some reason can’t get anyone on the phone, get frustrated hang up, try the next day, no luck, and then, well, then you are too late.

So is Superior Test X a SCAM?

Honestly, the product looks interesting and promises things that many are in need of and perhaps it has some positive effects. However, with that said, their website makes it hard to believe that it really is a product that is effective and that their membership is more of a SCAM rather than a real means to sell an effective product that is meant to help people. I therefore, deem the Superior Test X, a SCAM.

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