I am using RevTest since last 6 month let me tell you does Revtest work or biggest scam on internet? Read all Revtest Consumer complains, scam reports and side effects

One of the main reasons for a general lack of fitness in developed societies is that so many people lead sedentary life styles, and abuse their bodies daily through poor diet and other bad habits. The simple fact is we are not designed for the way we live.

From hunter-gatherers to channel-flickers
today, many people lead an unhealthy desk-bound, sofa-lounging, channel flicking life styles, their longest walk being to the car and back. It’s time to take stock of the fact that although we live in post-industrial, urban environments, our bodies have not evolved to keep pace with the demands of life in this developed world. We are still built to live as our ancestors did, many thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, that’s causing us lot a lot of problems. Take control of your life styles before it’s too late
you don’t have to order RevTest to see that it’s highly probably that it’s a scam. Considering the official website it’s pretty obvious that they are not upfront with the information as to what is in the supplement, how it works, and possible side effects not to mention their interesting yet very worrisome membership program. With that said, I have vowed to give 50/50 reviews and offer the positive sides of the supplements I review, or at least the positive sides the official websites are trying to portray.

Life expectancy and life style
there is direct correlation between life expectancy and life styles. A person who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, smoke, eats unhealthy and lives a sedentary lifestyle will have a shorter life expectancy than someone who looks after their body and takes regular exercise. However, it is not just about the length of your life. Quality of life is just as important, and if you don’t take care of yourself, your life will not only be shorter, it may well be unpleasant too.
Most disturbing of all, there is ample evidence that these bad habits are starting earlier and earlier in life. Little to no exercise or outdoor games, endless hours sat in front of computer games and a diet high in sugar and saturated fat triggered escalating and alarming rates of obesity and related illness among children. The net result will be, if left unchecked, generation of children likely shorter lives than their parents.
Our healthy ancestors
We know people lived relatively healthy 10,000 years ago because there are people still living the same lifestyle in some areas of the world today-the last 84 tribes hunter-gatherers in  the world who can found in Australia, Africa and south America. Fit with lean muscular physiques, these people lives, and experience markedly lower levels of diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
This much we know
people in the developed world cannot go back in time, but they can get an understanding of what they should do to find a balance in their lifestyle, in order to stay healthy. We know that exercise makes you fitter, boosting your immune system protecting you from disease. We know that some exercise each day will counteract the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer screen, and will give you   the get-up-and-go to have fun with family and friends. We know that eating certain foods will give you energy and make you look good and feel good. Let’s take this knowledge and put it to good use so that we can all live longer and happier lives

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What is RevTest and How it Works

Well, we aren’t really provided with much to go on here as nearly all information in the website is totally repetitive. Either someone without much information on the supplement has written it or they completely lack imagination as aside from repeating its benefits in a variety of sentences they don’t really do much.

You are initially greeted with the muscular man you hope one day to become and a list of the supplements benefits such as building lean muscle, boosting energy, gaining strength fast, reducing body fat, and boosting testosterone. You are also greeted with an impressive warning label stating that RevTest is specifically developed only for men that are looking to get ripped and muscular bodies fast. Only for those that are serious about their results and want a sexier body. What a warning that is, this alone should throw anyone off.

With that said it does continue to discuss why you should take their supplement. It helps you take your workout to the next level all the while feeling stronger, younger, and more potent. This is all possible by increasing your testosterone. We all know that as you pass the 30’s mark your testosterone levels start to drop drastically resulting in loss of energy, libido, weight gain, and loss of muscle but finding the ideal supplement is key to success.

label (1)

What I think really got me laughing is the statement that RevTest actually helps boost testosterone levels naturally with NO MYSTERY SUBSTANCES. Really, if there are no mystery substances why not actually share them with the reader!? This is one thing that completely drives me nuts with these websites is when they do not include the actual ingredients or a supplement facts sheet. If they are only premium, natural, and rigorously researched ingredients that have no side effects and are absolutely safe then why not list them? This I think was the moment they lost me as a potential customer as I refuse to buy into anything that I cannot research beforehand.

The perils of modern-day life
there are many aspects of modern life that are intrinsically bad for our physical and mental wellbeing. From the daily grind of the office life to the stress and strains of travel and the junk food that we consume, living in a developed country has a downside.
Desk-bound injuries
sitting still in front of a computer all day long, and doing no exercise, contributes to back and neck problems. Physiotherapists and osteopaths awe most of their income to this fact. Correct exercise would prevent all these problems- problems that didn’t need core-stability exercises to avoid such aches and pains, because working the land made these muscles strong.
Mental exhaustion
we are not designed to work long hours and feel stressed about hitting deadlines. The body is designed to hunt and gather, then rest and build strength for the next day. Having to retain huge amounts of information can be exhausting; it leaves you feeling too mentally tried to do any exercise.  Of course, taking exercise will provide you with the energy to continue to hit targets and deadlines at work, and enable you to work long hours.
Travel woe
  we are not intended to travel in planes or for any great length of time by other means of transport. Travelling through time zones, especially at altitude in short space of time can be very tiring, and of course there are the additional negative effects of sitting still for hours.
Junk food and booze
we are not designed to eat convenience foods, which are often full of sugar that will affect your energy levels of body weight. Alcohol is viewed as a natural accompaniment to food, but even modest amounts of alcohol can lead a number of illnesses and damage to some of the major organs of the body. Even if food is “natural”, the nutritional content may only be fraction of what content it was many years ago. In many areas, the land has been over-farmed and saturated with chemicals, which leaves crops tainted with an unhealthy chemical residue.
Labor -saving, life-shortening
we were not designed to use labor-saving devices. We were designed to use our hands and the materials from the land to build shelters and weapons to catch animals and provide food. Today, there is gadget or machine for almost everything, which simply encourages us to become lazier still.

Focus on Sex Drive and Performance

Of course, the above information is just about as far as we got with how RevTest will help you improve your performance in the gym. There were no actual facts, no real information, no list of ingredients, nothing. Just numerous selling points which can easily be written for any supplement on the market today that boosts testosterone, actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got the information off of another product website. I am actually skeptical as to whether this supplement really exists and they are just collecting credit card information from people, seriously, seems like a complete scam to me.


With that said the official RevTest websites continues to discuss how this amazing supplement will boost your sex drive. Great. Though this is fantastic, weren’t we actually looking for a supplement that will help me build muscle? Everyone knows that with increased testosterone your sex drive will go into overdrive as well. You will have super sex and increased libido as per the official website right along with extreme energy and more stamina. They go on to state that RevTest is actually clinically proven to boost sex drive and testosterone. It would be nice to share a bit of those clinical tests in that case no?

How to Buy, Price, and Terms & Conditions of RevTest

Here it gets even more interesting. A red flag for me usually is when there is a mishap in the creation of the website and especially when there is a membership program you are automatically signed up for when ordering a trial. The first thing that caught my attention is that once you add your information you are taken to a page that tells you the prices and what you will be charged. Here you actually get a nice bit $0.00. Great but wait. Scroll down a bit, at the very bottom in small letter you get further information as to what you are getting yourself into.

The trial is actually $5.95, no the $0.00 you see above. This is the mishap that I was talking about.  But keep reading. This charge is only for the 14 day trial. You will receive your bottle within the next 2-5 business days (make sure you don’t order on a Friday or over the weekend as it will take much longer) and have 14 days from the day you purchase to experiment with the supplement. If you do not call and cancel within your trial timeframe then you will automatically be charged $89.47. Not only that, you will continue to be charged $89.47 for up to 6 months if you do not call and cancel as you will continue to receive a 30 day supply of RevTest every month. Of course, this is explained as if they are doing you a favor but in fact, you are suckered in a membership program which is nearly impossible to get out of. I’ve been suckered into one of these in the past and lots of nerves and loss of money later I managed to get a small % of the money I was charged.


Is RevTest a Scam?

You are still asking? Personally I avoid giving a direct answer to this as I do believe everyone should make their own decisions based on the information I offer. I strive not to push my personal opinion in these reviews but rather provide readers with information which they can use to make a wiser decision. However, with RevTest I am convinced that most likely you will lose your money and may be putting your health in danger as you have no idea what is in the supplement. I do believe that RevTest is a scam and recommend staying away.


Superior Test X: SCAM or Effective way to Build Muscle?

Here we go again, the newest, most effective, and impressive supplement is being advertised! With every supplement website you visit you are greeted with muscular men you wish you could look like and promises of how you actually have a chance of looking like them. It is basically asking you, how did you live without this supplement thus far!? Well, over the past couple of years I’ve decided to take it upon myself to debunk some of these supplements and help you decide whether they are the best product for you and if they are not just the newest SCAM on the market.

What Superior Test X Supplement Promises

From the looks of it this supplement will help boost your testosterone. Boost it to such levels that you’ll be the most manly man there is. In addition to boosted testosterone you will also lose all that extra fat, turn it into muscle, boost your strength, and become more energetic. It also goes onto list all of the benefits of boosting your testosterone levels: increase performance, enhance muscle mass and strength, discover new vitality, reclaim youthful radiance and have more energy.

It claims that the supplement is drug-free and has no side effects. Over the years men start to lose their testosterone and this supplement claims to be able to help with just that and much more. You will get an edge in the gym and in life in general. Without any form of proof the official website claims that “Superior Test X is the #1 selling vitality raising products in the USA.”

superior TestX

Ideal for those of Age

Though this is a great product for any age it is ideal for those that have seen a reduction of their testosterone in past years. Testosterone begins to go down after a man reaches maturity at about 20-30 years of age and continues to reduce gradually with every following year. What Superior Test X offers is an increase of testosterone thus revitalizing your body to what you felt and looked like in your 20’s. Sounds great right? However, it is essential that plenty of research is done, which of course is not listed here, about the side effects of such a supplement and the ingredients which seems to be missing from this website.

What is in Superior Test X Supplement?

We’ll never know! I actually considered purchasing the supplement myself to see what it is all about as I do with most other supplements however, for some reason I was very skeptical of their whole official website. Nothing written in the website seems backed by any real information. There is no list of ingredients or real effects of the supplement. At the bottom you will find a link which includes information on tests, research, and overall description of Creatine including side effects. This link leads you to an outside website which guess what, also is offering to sell you a product. This alone seems pretty spammy and definitely looks like a SCAM. This again, leads me to believe that there is no real information on the product or its contents.

What kept me from Buying?

I do need a supplement such as this, especially with all the promises they are offering. At the ripe age of 34 I am already seeing how my testosterone has gone down drastically and can feel it in my performance in the gym. I need an energy boost and more endurance right along with help to make and keep my muscle mass however this website looked too much of a SCAM for me to trust even to test.

The sheer lack of information in the website and overall obviously deceiving promises and images of “successful” stories was too much for me. Primarily my biggest problem was that there isn’t a list of ingredients in the supplement, regardless if they don’t offer full information on them, though that would have certainly helped. I know very well that there is no supplement on the market that has no side effects. Some are obvious while others not so much, but you cannot claim that a supplement has absolutely none. Knowing that I have a list of ingredients would have been ideal so I can review each and decide for myself whether I am willing to risk my health to try the supplement, as with all supplements you are putting your health at risk as they are not FDA approved and you simply take their word for it.

superior TestX 2

How to buy Superior Test X?

This is where it gets interesting. You have several options when purchasing from the official website. You have the free bottle trial for those that are skeptical at only $4.95 shipping and handling charged to your card. But listen to this, you have only 14 days to cancel this trial after ORDERING not receiving the product. If you fail to cancel your trial at that time you will be charged the full price of the bottle of $94.82 on the 45th day and every 30 days thereafter. Tell me, what are the chances of really getting an idea of what the product offers for 14 days? Not to mention, what are the chances of you remembering to cancel with the 14 day trial period? This is what they are riding on because no one in their right mind would pay so much money for a product upfront, let alone their special package deals that range from $89.99 – $139.99. The great part is that getting in contact with a customer service rep is pretty difficult too. Trust me, I tried it when I initially started reviewing this product to request a list of ingredients, which of course, I didn’t get. So imagine on the 13th day how you are calling to cancel your trial and for some reason can’t get anyone on the phone, get frustrated hang up, try the next day, no luck, and then, well, then you are too late.

So is Superior Test X a SCAM?

Honestly, the product looks interesting and promises things that many are in need of and perhaps it has some positive effects. However, with that said, their website makes it hard to believe that it really is a product that is effective and that their membership is more of a SCAM rather than a real means to sell an effective product that is meant to help people. I therefore, deem the Superior Test X, a SCAM.

superior TestX buy

Superior Muscle X: Great Product or Scam Membership?

Today it’s hard to find a product online for improving your overall body image without getting hooked into some membership program or getting horrible side effects. After my various experiences with numerous supplements on the market I have taken it upon myself to try everything I can on the market and everything that is “guaranteeing” results and good investment. I had many people recommend a number of products to me but without actually trying them so I decided to go about it another way, test out the product and give you a real personal opinion.

What is Superior Muscle X?

Well, as with all other great supplements on the market today it offers what we all dream. Huge muscles, more pump, more energy, endurance, and self-esteem. The official website claims that the supplement will help you break lifting records, increase strength, build muscle faster than with anything else you’ve tried, and help you sculpt your body.

The official website also goes on to say that overall the sustained release formula will help you ensure maximum nutrient absorption and is backed by one of the best natural agents, Arginine. What Arginine Alpha- Ketoglutarate does is that it helps increase nitric oxide production. This results in extended and enhanced pumped feeling throughout the training as well as after as per the official website.

This is all great information and it does go on to claim how natural and impressive this supplement is. How Pro Athletes and Body Builders use it and recommend it but fails to provide further information about its actual ingredients, any side effects that are possible, or any other substantial information except for selling points.

superior musclex

What are the Ingredients?

Well, if you look through the website initially you will fail to see any actual list of ingredients in the supplement. There is no image of the back of the bottle and only a paragraph under questions and answers as to what the supplement consists of. This is the information I was able to find as per the website:

  • Vitamin B-3, 6, and 12 – support and increase rate of metabolism
  • Arginine – protein synthesis and vasodilatation and increases nitric oxide production
  • L-Carnitine – helps metabolization of fats and helps retention of muscles
  • Chromium – regulates insulin levels (why is this necessary is not explained)
  • Green Tea Extract – the only ingredient that I can agree that has no negative side effects – natural caffeine that gives energy
  • Yohimbine Bark Extract – aphrodisiac that aids in energy expenditure and regulates heart rate

That’s it, no further information. I am sure that if you look at the back of the bottle another 5-10 ingredients will be listed however you will not see this information on the website. This is relatively worrisome and honestly if this product really is that great then what do they have to hide.

superior musclex 2

What Benefits does Superior Muscle X Promise?

As per the official website of Superior Muscle X you get a plethora of impressive promises and guarantees. The list of impressive benefits, which are unproven as we later read, are:

  • Enhance Strength
  • Boost Energy Naturally
  • Delay Muscle Fatigue
  • Muscle Recovery Support
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Anaerobic Endurance
  • Thermogenic Lift
  • Focus and Alertness
  • Superior Convenience
  • Sustain Energy
  • Diet Friendly
  • No Calories, Carbs, or Sugar

Some of these promises seem realistic while others look like they were just added in there just to take up space. Honestly if you ask me no one can really promise many of these things, let alone guarantee them, as it is nearly impossible to actually test them.

My Experience with Superior Muscle X

So, as per the website you must take the supplement as follows: Daily 1-2 capsules during breakfast and 1-2 at lunch with lots of water. I was supposed to experience an immediate boost in Nitric Oxide (NO) levels and my power, strength, and lifts/reps will be increased drastically. Well, I can’t say that I experienced this immediately or at all for that matter. In one part of the official website it says I should get results immediately while further down it states that it will take some time to see results in approximately 2 weeks or several cycles. Perhaps it’s a play on words that I will see boost in Nitric Oxide only which as stated above will give an extended and enhanced “pump” FEELING during and after a workout. So basically I will feel Pumped. Well, I do generally during and after every workout so I guess they didn’t lie.

Overall, I took the supplement for a month and honestly, am not impressed with the results and I don’t think that it is necessary to take a supplement in order to actually see the results that I saw, which were far from impressive.

My Suggestions for the Website?

I think that perhaps if I had taken the supplement a bit longer I may have seen more realistic results as it is understandable that it will take a while for this supplement to actually show those results. But the website looks so spammy that honestly, I didn’t want to risk it for more than a month. The website shows absolutely no realistic information and certainly doesn’t disclose its horrible scam membership which is incredibly difficult to get out of. If you do decide to actually give the supplement a try make sure you read the terms & conditions carefully. Here are some important points:

Testimonials and information in the official website only show best results and it is no guarantee you will see these results. The product is not FDA tested for safety and efficiency and by purchasing the product you agree that you have or will consult with a physician before taking the supplement. So if you experience any negative side effects or something goes wrong, their hands are clean.

The SCAM Membership

Very VERY important to read the Terms & Conditions when it comes to websites such as this. This is their membership program information:

You activate your membership with the $4.99 shipping and handling you pay initially. This is for a full 30 day membership but you have only 14 days to decide whether you want to continue with your membership. This means that you MUST cancel before the 14th day of ORDERING not receiving your product in order to avoid getting charged $98.63 plus tax when applicable on the 45th day and every 30 days thereafter. Cancellation is a pain, customer service is hard to get a hold of, and it took me nearly a week to actually get my cancelation in order. This information alone should scare most people, which is why it is not in their official website. My personal opinion? If a product really is great, if it is worth every penny, and if it is not just the next supplement with empty promises, then why do they need a SCAM membership in place?

superior musclex trial


Xtreme Muscle Recovery Review

I am doing struggle for building my muscle lean and ripped body since months before. But I start feeling tired within couple of minute right after starting workout in my gym. I was thinking maybe the food which I take in my routine can provide me such energy level which is necessary for workout. I have lots of fats around my body so I start gym but could not gain the muscular body. After judging my condition, my gym trainer asks me to take Xtreme muscle Recovery along with the healthy diet. After consulting with doctor, when I start using it believes me I feel very much positive difference in my body. Continue reading, if you want to known more about Xtreme Muscle Recovery.

What is it?

This is basically a multi action formula, when I use it I feel lots of its benefits which it gives to me at the same time. Xtreme Muscle Recovery is the formula which not only helps me in getting my body ripped but also eliminates my whole fats through effective and quick way. I also feel improvement in my sex drive so that’s why I prefer Xtreme Muscle Recovery among others. this formula is certified by the side of whole experts of GMP as well as its all the components are also approved from different labs.



Xtreme Muscle Recovery consists of natural base formula which is not only clinically approved but its formulation is also being done by the GMP experts. I believe it contains all those power compounds which are necessary for not only the sexual power but also increase the size of muscles along with burn the unwanted fats. It also has lots of vitamins and minerals as well which are very helpful for pumping the body as well as necessary for boosting up the recovery mood of muscles.

How does it work?

I was not sexually powerful and feel lower energy level all the time. Now its miracle combination helps me in generating the libido level as well as makes me sex drive more powerful. Its powerful combination is very much helpful for growing more muscles. I have told you that this formula has ability to maintain the flow of blood as well as it increases the vasodilatation of muscles. when blood circulate through out the body, it not only contain the powerful nutrients but also take huge amount of oxygen with it and deliver it to whole body system and makes the body functions more amazing. The oxygen reach to whole body system and helps in growing the more muscles and nutrients which flow through it makes the body more energetic and also increase the stamina level. This miracle formula also eliminates my fats and also utilizes them as the source of energy source and the more my fats reduce, I got more stamina and energy as well. While in the recovery mood, its major role is to recover all those cells of body which has been damage before and also generate more cells along with recovering the damages.


The visible benefits

Xtreme Muscle Recovery gives lots of visible benefits to me, which I am going to share with you.

  • It improves my whole function regarding my sexual life as well as support the libido health
  • My metabolism also goes higher as well as whole unwanted pounds also burns off
  • My whole fatty cells also eliminate and it also flatten my abdomen
  • I feel more strength as well as power by the use of it
  • Its creatine as well as caffeine frees formula, which I found very good for my health
  • It increases not only my pumps but also maintain the endurance so that I could fight with fatigue
  • Its body building formula increase my muscle mass more quickly than any other
  • It increase the whole production of my lean muscles as well
  • My circulation of blood also improve
  • It also helps me in maintaining the overall health
  • I feel that my digestive progress also become amazingly additionally
  • I haven’t face any bad effect while using it

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Customer review

  • Mr james- I am thankful to Xtreme Muscle Recovery, which makes me able to perform better not only in the gym but also on the bed.
  • Mr jony- It’s my wish to build my body like the other body builders, I was struggling since last few time but could not get satisfactory results. Now when I found Xtreme Muscle Recovery, and I start using it, believe me I got my desired body within very short time. People around me also surprise to see me now because of my muscular body.

Expected results

I got my whole desired results by using Xtreme Muscle Recovery as per directions mention on its chart. Those people who think that bodybuilding supplement don’t work and could not give the desired results I am offering all of them to try Xtreme Muscle Recovery once.


What doctor said?

Before start using Xtreme Muscle Recovery, I discuss with my family doctor. He also recommend me to use it but also ask me to follow its directions as well so that I could be save from unwanted bad effects.

Some tips

Doctor gives me some tips as well, which I am sharing with you for gaining the muscular body.

  • Take healthy diet which contain maximum protein
  • Always take dose in time
  • Don’t take over dose
  • Do some workout properly

Any risk?

Of course there is no risk in using Xtreme Muscle Recovery because I have experience and I am telling you on the behalf of it. GMP have assured as well that Xtreme Muscle Recovery not contain any chemical or artificial component in it.

Where to buy?

Visit official website of Xtreme Muscle Recovery today.